CompXpress is a leading wholesaler for Workers' Compensation Programs. Through CompXpress we offer a wide array of 'A' rated Workers' Compensation carriers that provide our agent partners access to over 500 class codes with premiums starting at $500.00

Our ability to write a broad range of class codes and tougher to place risks such as Contractors, Home Health Care and Transportation set us apart. The combination of industry leading carriers and our experienced underwriting teams will help increase your client satisfaction and retention.

CompXpess understands the need to offer competitive products, services and innovation for an increasingly sophisticated customer base and has designed offerings to not available through other wholesalers.

CompXpress understands the importance of providing agents with fast turnaround on all your submissions. Whether you are using our Secure Agent Site, or you are faxing or emailing submissions, our underwriters will work to provide you a quote or response within 24 hours!